New York based graphic designer.
Currently at ZORA, previously at COLLINS. / @jumpjirak
New York based graphic designer. Currently at ZORA, previously at COLLINS.

Next Insurance

Brand identity for Next, an insurance provider focusing on small businesses. Next wants to focus on the opportunities insurance can create for a company or business, instead of seeing it as something only needed when things go wrong,

Visually, the brand identity system consists of a new bold wordmark supported by equally bold headline typography, as well as a minimal yet vibrant color palette and a large library of illustrations. The delightfully optimistic and witty hand-draw illustrations create a world that brings to life the limitless possibilities offered to small business owners through Next.

Project done at COLLINS.


Jump Jirakaweekul
Kristine Lim
Barney Stepney
Alex Wallace
Allison Solomson
Ian Aronson
Tom Elia
Caspar Wain
Julen Saenz
Mari Juliano
NEXT Insurance

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Brand identity for Dropbox. Dropbox is the leading file hosting platform, providing tools that allow customers to work more efficiently. The rebrand shifted the focus from Dropbox just providing file storage to Dropbox providing the for teams to collaborate and do their best work.

From a simplified and evolved wordmark to flexible typography and unique color combinations, the idea of constant evolution and unexpected combinations are reflected throughout the brand identity system. Co-creation was a central piece of the system, creating non-conventional visual collisions and collages, celebrating what’s possible when unexpected combinations are brought together.

Project done at COLLINS.


Ian Aronson
Caroline Bagley
Michele Kim
Matt Luckhurst
David Nguyen
Anna Sternoff
Jules Tardy
Thomas Wilder
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Dropbox Brand Studio
Sharp Type

Brand identity for UNI (pronounced “You and I”). UNI is a space for art and conversation that evokes the concept of Unity Consciousness. UNI is primarily active on Instagram, and uses their Podcast to further explore their philosophy through conversation.

Rooted in discussion and engagement, the design system is based on a visual representation of two voices working together. The organic and freeform logo is supported by a structured, secondary element, while two typefaces are used together to convey a sense of conversation from two different perspectives. Additionally, an aura-inspired graphic element allows for consistent and versatile use across different applications, from abstract visuals to social posts and photography treatment.

Photography by Jurada Studio.