New York based graphic designer.
Currently at ZORA, previously at COLLINS. / @jumpjirak
New York based graphic designer. Currently at ZORA, previously at COLLINS.


Brand identity for Crane Paper Company. Crane has been making paper for over 250 years, and was a producer of banknote paper for the U.S. government. Today, Crane honors the heritage and legacy of their work with a vast array of products that allow for thoughtful communication through beautifully crafted means.

Inspired by the Art Nouveau’s movement in response to the Industrial Revolution, the brand identity focuses in on organic yet structured qualities, from the custom wordmark to the hand-drawn whiplash curve ornamentation. The brand identity creates a sense of tactility in Crane’s product and packaging.

Project done at COLLINS.

D&AD Wood Pencil
Graphis Platinum
2021 TDC Award
The Dieline Award 2021


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The Nucleus Group

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Ongoing brand artifacts made at ZORA.

Ian Aronson
Mira Joyce


Brand identity for Netflix show, Arcane. Based on Riot Game’s League of Legends, Arcane is a critically acclaimed animated series, and was the number one show on Netflix, worldwide.

The design system showcases the story’s two factions—the utopian city of Piltover and the undercity of Zaun—as two sides of the same world. Iron & Glass, a custom typeface, was created to embody both factions, which are represented by Art Deco and Art Nouveau elements, respectively. Framing
elements are built off the same structure, but with unique end results that reflect the atmosphere of each city, almost as if they were made by the artisans from the cities themselves. All together, the system allows Arcane to be seen as on world while also highlighting the uniqueness of its two factions and its rich story.

Project done at COLLINS.


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Riot Games

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Brand identity for Twitch, the leading live streaming platform. Like an element from some o the many games it hosts, the rebrand focuses on showing Twitch as a support instead of the hero. This allows Twitch to hone in on highlighting its creators as well as its community, all while staying true to its origins in gaming.

The wordmark and the glitch has amplified geometry and blockiness, as well as the ability to stretch and extrude in infinite ways. Twitch’s iconic purple was built upon, increasing the vibrancy as well as adding a supporting palette to add flexibility and variety. Emotes are heroed in the system, reflecting their use and popularity on the platform.

Project done at COLLINS.

Graphis Silver – Logo
Graphis Silver – Brand Identity
The One Show – Brand Identity 


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Twitch Creative Team

Lorde — Music Video for Vogue

Title design for a music video of Lorde performing “Break the Ice” and “Fallen Fruit” for Vogue’s October 2021 issue. Video directed by Alfred Marroquin.